Social Savior or Villain?

Twitter, Blogging, Facebook etc. are being branded as the bad guy – fuelling riots.

Is it really?

Or is social media bringing to justice governments or simply giving people a voice now because they want a say. Tired of being silenced perhaps and not having a chance to include a voice by not offering online voting or government interaction online to decide laws and governance for the people, by the people. Isn’t that true and real democracy? ┬áTime to include your citizens in opinion and choice perhaps? I think so. But this transcends to business and organisations: would a business benefit if their receptionist told the CEO what they thought of them or how they could better run their business? User Valued Input. Decision making in realtime!


Blog to Vote

Should citizens be allowed to get across their viewpoint or vote on any topic or law by online blogging and voting?



Blogs for All Staff

Should staff of an office be allowed to blog in with the CEO on their thoughts for the company?


Cartoons for life?

Will I like cartoons when I am 85?

They are always such fun to watch. I love them, what would we do without them?

Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Batman, Smurfs, Ben 10……….

Is it right to sensor cartoons as well for violence and adult content?

Hmmmm, not sure on this one ……have to mull it over for a while. I guess it makes sense after all.

Peace or War ?

Will it always be that the human race is at war with itself?

Or could there be a day when we have the option of simply putting on a helmet and consuming certain natural ingredients and achieve the ultimate state of peace, Human Kindness? Then there will only be sharing and knowledge, ultimately the Heavenly state of mind.

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